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It is very crucial for use to sit down and appreciate where our firelogs or woods in which they are made from originates. If you reside in Dronfield and you have been asking for firelogs near me, then it is a high time you also get down and appreciate the sources of those firelogs. Now, let’s get down to business of appreciating the sources and discovering where the firelogs we use during winter comes from. Once you are aware of their origin, then you will know how to preserve and conserve your wood for lengthy use. Where does the firelogs in Dronfield come from?

Firelogs from within Dronfield area/County 

Dronfield and its surrounding areas is characterized by areas covered by woods, this tells you that certainly; the firelogs that are being used around this areas comes from the surrounding woodlands area. Although these woods are not enough for the whole county/division, you may also suspect the fact that they come from other parts other than Dronfield. Far from that, woodland area within Dronfield is under the control of the local authorities. The woods are cut in accordance with the right quotas put in place. The firelogs near me are therefore not sufficient and this takes us to concluding that some of the seasoned woods comes from other area.

Other areas outside Dronfield we source our logs

During winter, the consumption rate of firelogs is so high to an extent where the suppliers such as Dronfield Logs Company may be forced to order such wood logs from other areas. The neighboring area include Sheffield and Chesterfield. In the even that woods are in excess at Chesterfield, then it beats logic for your log supplier to order so from such areas. With that insight, we can now appreciate the fact that firelogs may have made their way into Dronfield from the neighboring areas. 

Some woods for firelogs are imported

There are various parts of the world known for their high production of wood. That could be because of the fact that most of its areas are covered by a thick forest cover. Some of the oaks, fir and birch firelogs that we use in Dronfield are from Papua New Guinea and even Thailand. You will be shocked to find that wood logs can be shipped all the way from these countries to Dronfield just to ensure that your winter is comfortable.

A pile of firelogs in dronfield ready for chopping
A pile of firelogs in dronfield ready for chopping

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