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In everything that we lay hand on, quality should be one of the major characteristics. That applies to wood logs for winter heating as well. It is with that reason that you, therefore, need to be aware of some of the quality factors you need to check when buying your logs for the winter. As soon as you master these quality checks, then you will be assured of buying the right logs for your summer stay in Chesterfield. Now, that you are of where to find seasoned logs near you in Chesterfield, here are some the quality factors you should never forget.

The firelogs should be free from moulds

You will agree with me that there are different types of molds that can invest your wood logs. In fact, the main cause of molds is improper staking and storage. In the event that logs are stored in a place full of moisture; they will catch mold that ranges from green to grey as well as white. There are more suppliers who may supply seasoned logs near you. However, you need to make sure that they are free from molds. Molds are a nuisance and in fact, the produce extra smoke than normal. It also reduces the efficiency of your furnace far from the bad odor within your house.

They should be dry with moisture content of less than 20%

Some of the suppliers will supply seasoned logs near you in Chesterfield with an assumption that you will stack and dry them on your own. However, not all of the customers have the knowledge and what it take to dry such wood logs. When buying logs for your home heating during winter, you need to make sure that they are below 20% in terms of moisture. You may also consider ordering from Dronfield Logs since you will have a choice of buying wood that suits your needs.

pile of chopped firelogs in chesterfield store outside
A pile of chopped firelogs in a Chesterfield wood store

Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels

The type of trees from which the logs where produced

Hard woods are of high quality than soft woods. In that case, you need to countercheck whether your supplier is offering hard wood logs or soft wood ones. Soft woods are known to burn swiftly due to sponginess of their cork cambiums. That means your furnace will consume more than you might have imaged. When looking for seasoned logs near you in Chesterfield; you need to take this into consideration as well.

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