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Most of us may not have enough time to prepare firelogs early enough before winter. It is with that reason that you need to consider kiln drying. There are different models of kilns; some are electric operated while other are powered by fuel such as Diesel and even petrol. Moreover, there are those kilns that uses fire wood as well. Depending on your choice, there are several advantages of using a kiln to dry you firelogs. Furthermore, kiln dried oak logs are the best for your furnace during winter. Let’s look at the advantages of using kiln to dry your oak logs.

The benefits of using kilns to dry Oak Logs in sheffield
The benefits of using kilns to dry Oak Logs in Sheffield

Kilns have the capacity and the ability to dry your oak woods faster

Have you ever dried your oak logs using natural methods such as sun drying? Yes, I imagine how long they take for your logs to dry. However, this is a good method whenever you are within schedule before winter arrives. Moreover, sun drying you oak logs is a less costly and you can also say that there is no expense related to it. It is the cheapest methods of drying you wood logs for winter. However, it is not a reliable method when you need your oak logs to dry faster to meet the set deadline before winter. The good thing is that kiln dried oak logs can dry faster than sun drying. That is how much a kiln is efficient.

Kiln dried oak logs can lose moisture below 20%

An oak log can burn faster without producing too much smoke when dried using a kiln. This is because kiln dried oak logs can lose the saturated water and moisture to below 20%. Whenever your log moisture is less than 20%, then you will be assured of the fact that you wood will burn continuously and you might not need to blow it or even add kerosene for it to burn on continuous basis.

Kiln dried logs may not catch moulds easily

It important to keep in mind that woods logs which contains more than 20% moisture can attract the growth of moulds. On the other hand, kiln dried oak logs are resistant to moulds basically because it lack the right amount of water for these living microorganisms to develop. At Dronfield logs, you will be made aware of this fact hence you will have to choose between kiln dried one and sun dried oaks.

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