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Sheffield's Kiln Dried Firewood 0114 3240147 - FREE DELIVERY.

Sheffield’s Finest Kiln Dried Ash, Oak, Birch & Seasoned Hardwood Logs for your Fires, Log Burners and Stoves with Free Delivery.

  • All of the wood we supply is hardwood and seasoned. Straight from delivery the logs are ready to use on your log burners, open fires, braziers, barbecues, chimeneas and fire pits.
  • Our Kiln dried Ash, Oak and Birch is the finest wood for your log burner that you can buy locally here in Sheffield and the surrounding area.
  • With an extremely low average moisture content of 6-8% and often less, kiln dried wood gives a fantastic clean burn with excellent heat that easily lights.
  • The kiln dried ash, oak and birch is clean and looks good too which makes it ideal for your in room log display. Once you have tried this you will never use anything else.

How Our Logs Are Sourced from the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Area

We supply locally sourced hardwood logs for fires, log burners and stoves. The best logs we use for firewood is supplied by DTS Ltd of Sheffield. All the logs are hand cut ensuring they are regular size and shape to stack easily and burn evenly.

As part of our well established process, our hardwood is the result of routine tree maintenance and felling only.

Our logs are sourced from trees locally from Dore to Penistone, Crosspool to Loxley and many other places in Sheffield and the surrounding South Yorkshire area. This year we have expanded our free delivery to include the area north from Sheffield up to York.

A great Carbon Neutral way to heat the home and save money!

We bring the logs to our drying facility for open air seasoning for 2-3 months then to our indoor drying area for 8 – 14 months.

When the moisture content has dropped to less than 20% we then split the hardwood into approximately 8-9″ logs for using in log burners, open fires or stoves. They are also a perfect size for outside use in chimeneas or fire pits and even pizza or bread ovens too.

Sheffield’s SeasoneHard wood logs are Carbon Neutrald Premium Hardwood Logs & Kiln Dried Ash, Oak & Birch firewood With Free Delivery.

Our Latest Products and Prices – Winter / Spring 2019 –

‘Premium Flame & Heat Pack’ – Kiln Dried Oak and BirchAs a result of feedback from our valued customers we are now pleased to supply; Bulk bags of the finest kiln dried Oak and dense Birch. This great combination includes dense slow growing kiln dried Birch which is much easier to light and burns hotter than Ash, the kiln dried Oak burns slowly and with a great consistant heat. Ideal for multi-fuel, log burners and open fires. Bulk Bags with Free Delivery: £130.00

  • Kiln Dried Ash ‘Yorkshire Gold’ Special: Large Crate of the finest Kiln Dried Ash, Split into 8″  approx logs, the crate is equivalent to 2.5 large bulk bags. Delivered on a pallet, ready stacked. Free Delivery: £250.00
  • NEW PRODUCT For Winter ‘Yorkshire Gold’ – The finest Kiln Dried Ash Approx 8″split, Very Low moisture content. Bulk Bags including free delivery: £130.00
  • NEW ‘Yorkshire Silver’ Vented* Bulk Bags of  1 cubic metre (approx)  premium seasoned hard wood firelogs. With Free Delivery: £80.00 (£70 for multiples)
  • 2019 Winter Saver – 1 tonne Bulk Bags of Seasoned Hardwood – Delivered £95.00

Our seasoned hardwood mixed firewood log supplies include a mixture of;  Ash – Beech – Cherry – Sycamore – Birch – Chestnut – Oak – Elm – Lime.

Discounts are available for quantities.Visit our ‘Contact‘ page or Call us now on 0114 3240147 to save money with our *2018 Seasonal Special Offer when stocking up your fire-wood store.

*Vented bags allow you to store the logs in the bags for convenience. With an average moisture content of only 18%, just ensure that a waterproof sheet covers the top. Also make sure that there is a good space around the bags for ventilation.

Delivering Your Kiln Dried and Seasoned Logs

Scheduled and regular local deliveries for Sheffield and South Yorkshire including the Peak District are available just enquire when you contact us. We also have smaller vehicles for delivery when access is difficult or if you live off the beaten track in Ecclesall or Oughtibridge.

We always operate a ‘considerate delivery’ policy and take great care to ensure that your logs are delivered to a convenient space at your home. If you have difficulties handling your logs, please mention this when you contact us and we will endeavor to help. So if you want the best kiln dried ash or seasoned hardwood logs in Sheffield, get in touch. To order your logs you can either Email us here. or phone us on 0114 3240147. You can also find us on Google for Business and we welcome all feedback on our Google listing or you can see what our valued customers say about us on our Testimonials page.

How Different  Hardwood Logs Burn

Here is our guide of the burning properties for some of the fire wood (hard-wood only) we supply that is felled in and around the local Sheffield or South Yorkshire area.  These tips are snippets that we have found in our experience and if you have any additions or comments we are always pleased to hear them.

  • Kiln Dried Ash: The Finest wood for domestic use now even better! With a very low moisture content and split into easily manageable 8″-10″  log pieces which provide hotter burning, easier lighting, much less tarring/sooting and a lovely flame burning down to a lovely hot orange/red glow when correct settings are used.
  • Ash: The Best burning wood; it has both good flame and heat, and will burn when green, though naturally not as well as when seasoned.
  • Beech: A rival to Ash, with good flame and heat. It burns best only when well seasoned. If using in an open fire or fire pit make sure you use your fireguard as it is apt to shoot embers a long way.
  • Birch: The heat is good, easy to light. The smell is pleasant too.
  • Cherry: This hardwood burns slowly, with a good heat.  A popular wood in the Sheffield area, with the advantage of a pleasant scent for your log burner.
  • Chestnut: Popular, though it is liable to shoot embers ( fireguard essential for open fires ). Small flames and medium heating power.
  • Hornbeam: Great hardwood logs. Almost as good as Beech.
  • Oak: Oak can be sparse in flame and the smoke is quite heavy when green. But dry seasoned or kiln dried oak logs are excellent for heat, burning slowly and steadily until whole log collapses into a cigar-like ash.
  • Plane: Burns pleasantly, but it can throw sparks if very dry.
  • Sycamore: Burns with a good flame, with a moderate heat output. Burn only when seasoned.
  • Log Burner Glass Cleaning Tip: when the glass is cool to touch, spray with ‘Method’ Lavender multi purpose cleaner then loosely scrunch up some newspaper and spray some of the method on the paper to dampen then dip the paper into the fine cold white ash in your log burner pan. Carefully rub the glass with light pressure to remove dark patches then polish the glass with some newspaper or kitchen roll.

 Contact us for Seasoned Fire Logs in Sheffield:

Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Phone: 0114 3240147
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