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While trying to find out where to get seasoned wood for your winter in Sheffield, it is also important to ensure that you have an insight or an understanding of how firewood are properly seasoned in Sheffield. However, before proceeding to getting to understand how wood is seasoned, let’s have a bit of understanding of some of the elements of woods. A wood is made of cellulose that have been arranged into long tubes held together by fibers. In each long tube are numerous cells. These cells contains water. That water comes from the roots through to the stem. When seasoning your wood in readiness for winter in Sheffield, then it is better to understand what seasoning is about. 

Step: Cutting woods cross-section wise into logs

Far from asking where to find seasoned logs near you, you need to understand the process of seasoning your wood. The first step is basically felling down a tree of your choice and then cutting them across or against the length. The results should be a log of 30 to 45 cm. This short firelog is short enough and it allows easy splitting and easy drying as well as stacking. 

Splitting Logs for Seasoning with an axe

Step 2: The second step is splitting the short logs along its length. 

Why slit the firelogs? There are two major reasons why you have to split the logs. Firstly, splitting your log ensures easy dry up. I is very important to ensure that the inner cork sections is exposed so that it can dry quickly and easily. Secondly, splitting is a way of reducing the size of the whole mass. Splitting firelogs into chips ensure that that a single split will fit into your kiln or furnace. 

Step 3: Remove the bark and expose the split sections to the sun

Most of the wood firelogs is normally sun dried and that is the reason why it is important to prepare early before winter arrives. If you are living in Sheffield, then it is advisable that you prepare your wood logs long before the winter season. In fact, you need to sun dry your wood in summer. Some wood firelogs in Sheffield will dry faster depending on the type of tree it has been obtained from. The hard woods can dry slowly while the soft woods may take the shortest time possible as moisture loss is concerned.

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