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Special offer - dry kilned mixed hard wood vented bags only £90

Kiln Dried Oak, Ash & Birch hardwood fire logs   available in the following quantities:

  • New – Bulk Bag of the best Kiln Dried Oak & high density Birch the best rated ‘Heat Combination’, split 9″ logs: Price Delivered £130.00
  • Economical- 1 cubic metre (approx) Vented bags of Kiln Dried firelogs, split 9″: Price Delivered £90.00
  • Winter Special – Wooden Crate of the Best Kiln Dried Ash, split 9″ equivalent to 2.5 large bulk bags: Price Delivered £250.00
  • Best Seller – Bulk Bag 1 cubic metre (approx) of The Best Kiln Dried Ash, split 9″ logs: Price Delivered £130.00 

Carbon neutral hardwood logs

Delivering your firelogs

All logs, seasoned hardwood and kiln dried ash, oak and birch are delivered by our vehicle. Which is small enough to deliver the logs to your door. This is helpful when access is difficult by larger vehicles.

You can specify either an “am or pm” time slot for when you would like your hardwood fire logs delivered.

We take great care when delivering your fire logs. We make sure they are deposited in a convenient place and not just dropped on your driveway like some companies. As a local Dronfield family run business we strive to operate a considerate and flexible service.

We also regularly deliver to Sheffield, Chesterfield and the Peak District. If you have specific requirements or difficulty with handling your logs, please let us know when you order on Dronfield (01246) 417 015 and we will endeavor to help.

Storing Your Hardwood Seasoned Logs

Specially vented bulk bags are now supplied for seasoned and split hardwood logs. You can now keep the logs in these bags providing there is a waterproof cover on the top and good ventilation around the bags. No more stacking and much more convenient.

If you have a log store or prefer to store your seasoned logs outside, the best place to store your fire logs is south facing if possible and raised 4 – 6 inches off the ground (a sturdy pallet is ideal) so that air can circulate freely around, through and under the logs.

Tips When Stacking your Firewood

  • When you stack your firewood, always stack with the bark side facing down.
  • Always leave small gaps for good airflow.
  • The top layer should be stacked with the bark facing up to help rain run off the pile.
  • Cover the top (not the sides) of the pile with a water proof sheet.
  • If you store your hard wood inside always make sure there is good ventilation.

It is recommended to stock up your fire logs pile in the late Summer months to ensure you have a good supply of fire ready hard wood for your crackling Autumn, Winter and Spring log fires.

So if you are looking for the best seasoned hardwood or kiln dried ash,oak and birch logs in the Derbyshire Peak District area call us now to place your order on 01246 417015.

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Quality hardwood seasoned logs delivered to Sheffield, Chesterfield and the Peak District.

Call: 01246 417015

Special offer - dry kilned mixed hard wood vented bags only £90